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Predpriyatie Tokopodvoda i Elektroprivoda, OOO

For customers Predpriyatie Tokopodvoda i Elektroprivoda, OOO

Inertial cable reels on current to 6A, tension 220B, unwinding length to 10 m - delivery time 2-3 days!! Inertial cable reels (drums with the spring drive), are intended for reeling of freely hanging cable. Thanks to the closed spring mechanism automatically take up a cable at its easing that allows to use the cable reel in load-lifting mechanisms (bridge, gantry, console cranes, elevators, telfer, traverses, electromagnets), automotive industry, systems of movement, systems of grounding, laboratories, on workplaces, lighting (garages, service complexes), workshops, conveyors, current distributors, woodworking machines, machines, gate. Automatic coils for a cable have the reeling limiter that allows to establish the necessary length of sagging and thus the coil it is possible to use for supply of electricity to portable tools (production, garages, STO) and mobile machines. Coils for a cable ensure safety and convenience of storage and carrying of a cable, reduce probability of damage, increasing the term of its operation.


for customers Predpriyatie Tokopodvoda i Elektroprivoda, OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine